[Homeroast] New Summer Toys

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 10:47:01 CDT 2011

When a Gaggia Factory came up for sale on CoffeeGeek, I jumped at the
chance, so now I'm the proud owner of both a La Peppina open kettle spring
lever and a Gaggia Factory (basically a La Pavoni Pro with a tin-man hat)
manual lever with a closed boiler and steam wand.  The Factory is going to
be more challenging as I have a PID on the La Peppina making it very
temperature stable, but it should be a fun process to learn temperature
management and pressure profiling by feel.  I was also lucky enough to find
a new-in-box Hario Slim hand grinder at a thrift store and am using that at
work for grinding for pour-over.  Here's some pictures:

La Peppina and Gaggia Factory on a sideboard I found at a thrift store that
I'll be refinishing (thinking of staining the wood with coffee):
Gaggia Factory on the counter for some test shots:
Commander Spock grinding up some Kenya at work on the Slim:

As the deal with my Wife was to get the Gaggia Factory for my birthday, and
that hasn't happened yet (didn't want to let anyone else get the jump on
me), the factory is in the garage and will get minimal, if any use.  This
will give me a chance to strip and re-finish the sideboard and get my coffee
toys a better home.

This weekend was pretty nice weather, so I made my first iced coffee, a
Chemex / Kone extraction of a Kenya into ice which was a real treat.  Here's
my standard recipe:

*Chemex Iced Coffee*
40 g Coffee
283 g Water
196 g Ice (~8 cubes)

Anyone else getting new toys to play with or new coffee preps?


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