[Homeroast] need a quick fix for my Behmor drum cannot close it!

Claus Thøgersen c.thoeg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 13:18:51 CDT 2011


I have played around with external cooling after all the reports about the 
too long cooling process in the Behmor.  and I have finally found something 
that works and ccool the beans in less than 4 minutes.

In my tests I have taken out the drum in the way you should not, taken it 
out while the motor was still spinning the drum. The way to do it is of 
course to stop the Behmor and then take out the drum.

This has resulted in the henge or whatever you call the thing that locks the 
top of the drum in place, cannot hold the led tide. Of course the Danish 
dealer does not have drums I g can get to replace my drum. The problem is 
that the European distributor is out of drums too, and there is no word of 
how long it will take before a new drum is available.

Since my only problem is to find a way of closing the drum, a way that will 
be able to survive the heat in the roaster, I hope to find a sollution I can 
use until a new drum is available. Any ideas of something that can survive 
the heat?


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