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Hi KC,
I have A nursery in Encinitas, CA and grow palms/cycads and other tropicals.
One of the things I've grown for years are coffee plants.  In my locality,
coffee trees like filtered light, not full sun.  They take temperatures into
the low 30's.  It takes me about 5 to 7 years to take a seedling to a
fruiting plant.  I'd estimate each 15g plant I have is about 7 feet tall and
carries about 400 red cherry colored fruit/seeds.  When in blossom, the
flowers are white.  The foliage is a glossy green and some have used coffee
and an interior plant.  Average watering works and occasional fertilizer is
needed.  Hope this helps. 
Jungle Music

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My five remaining little coffee shrubs are enduring the heat and drought and
doing pretty well. Two are actually doing very well I think. I lost one
early on, it was my fault during transplant. 

I remember seeing something in someone's signature line that indicated they
are a horticulturalist. And, I believe, in the same zone as me. 

I'd really like input on how to start prepping them to survive the coming
winter. It's a ways off even though we are eager for these 90-100 days to go
away, but I want to make sure I do what I can to keep these lovely shrubs
viable. Do I prune lower branches or top now, closer to winter, or let them
just grow another year?


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