[Homeroast] wet grinding coffee

sci scizen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 14:07:59 CDT 2011

Ok, so I was intrigued by this video miKe posted, and I had thought of wet
grinding before. I have a Hario Skerton, so I decided to try it with
Ethiopian Harar Longberry. I put in 15g of beans, preheated 10oz. of water.
Putting the beans in the Skerton and wetting them with off boil water, I
started grinding. I had a hard time because the beans wouldn't feed (like
the video said) without an augur on the shaft. So improvising, I would
grind, and pound the whole grinder on the counter top (good thing it has
that silicon ring). That worked. I kept dribbling water on the beans and
grinding. After the beans were ground there was about 4 oz of water in the
bottom chamber with the grinds. I poured this in an AP and added 3 oz of off
boil water and let it steep 30 seconds. Press. Bam! A more flavorful cup.
Not outrageously, but noticeable. Mind, my technique was rather crude this
first time, especially with the water temp in the final extraction. I think
I'll try it in the Hario vacuum pot which would allow a nice hot extraction.
The wet grind theory has merit: keep the aromatics in the cup, not the air,
by capturing them with a wet grind. We all already know that and try to
practice it in many little ways, from grinding right before brewing, to
using extraction techniques that don't cook off the aromatics (e.g.,
percolator). Now if somebody can produce a wet grinder that is ideal for the
task, that would be nice. Skerton gets very messy, but washes up in a snap.


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