[Homeroast] my insulation on the QM3 drum

sci scizen at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 14:40:11 CDT 2011

Here are some pics of my insulation on the QM3 drum. It has added more heat
control, reduced preheat time. 300g roasts are doable using 9A. I estimate
that it added the equivalent of 1A or maybe a little more. In other words, I
can now do a 225g batch with 7.5A setting instead of 8.5A. It does not look
as pretty, I admit. But it is easily reversed. I could probably take the
thermal blanket off and have the grill back on in 5 minutes, with no
permanent marks. There are two insulation types, both came from
McMaster-Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com/#9323k21/=ahp4on). Only one type is
really needed, but just be sure to get the high temp rated. You will indeed
notice a funny smell the first 2-3 times you use it, probably adhesive
heating up. It isn't overpowering, just present. The grill is not screwed
in, just clamping the insulation, but you could screw it in.



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