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Thu Jul 21 22:00:25 CDT 2011

Off Topic it may have drifted like our minds with out coffee, but we all
need an inspiring story like yours.
Thank you,

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 7:35 PM, Lynne <lynnebiz at gmail.com> wrote:

> Haha on the coffee - unfortunately, when I moved to this apt (Dec last), my
> coffee
> roasting went downhill. Horrible, horrible stove - two settings. Off &
> high.
> But I've
> been doing a bit better lately - I have just gone w/out drinking it when
> the
> roasts turn
> our really horrid.
> Now I add (shock!!) about two teaspoons of cream in my one cup. Tastes
> great, won't
> win any homeroasting awards, but I'm happy.
> My secret? I've had a few injuries (most
> dog-on-leash-pulling-me-to-the-ground related),
> but after our move (took my son & I a full day-into night, w/walking up &
> down stairs all
> day) my knees were so bad I was in constant pain. Spent Christmas wheeling
> myself
> around in my office chair, w/my kids worried, at my side.
> They intervened about my weight - I had already decided to work on it (that
> was April),
> and my daughter sent me the link for My Fitness Pal.
> Wow. It works for me!! I log in my food, which keeps track of my calories,
> fat, etc (sodium, too
> for me - as I was taking 3 meds for hypertension). Didn't even have a scale
> until recently.
> (daughter gifted me one!) but I knew that I was losing - plus my rheumy
> weighs me - and he's
> astonished, to say the least.
> Can't even begin to tell you how easy it has been for me, once I found the
> way that's right - for
> me. (there's community there, too - that is incredible - everyone supports
> each other. Fantastic!)
> The extra weight I put on would have killed me, no doubt. Hated it. I do
> have cartilage gone in
> both knees, but I actually have no pain now - taking fish oil, glucosamine
> &
> condrioitin & now
> plan to join a gym (another gift from my kids) soon, to strengthen the
> muscles - oh, and I was
> hobbling on a cane a few months ago (just roasting caused so much pain!)...
> now I'm walking
> several miles a day.
> My goal is pre-pregnancy weight, the weight I was my whole adult life. Plan
> was to reach that
> by Christmas, but I'm doing this faster *some* weeks. (When you get closer
> to the ideal/correct
> weight, it is usually takes longer to lose, so that projection might be
> right.
> Sorry for taking this off-off topic, lol (fixed the subject line for those
> who might be bored w/this)
> - but I am feeling so great - wish I had done this years ago!
> As an aside - my memory (I have fibromyalgia) is better, too w/the weight
> loss. I'm sure it's also
> because I am able to walk the amount I'm walking - also, having so much fun
> exploring stuff, esp.
> food destinations (nothing thrills me as much as ethic markets - we have so
> many here - well,
> except stuff coffee related, of course)!  Has to keep the mind functioning!
> Lynne
> On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 9:38 PM, Joseph Robertson <theotherjo at gmail.com
> >wrote:
> > Lynne,
> > 41lbs? Wow. I credit good homeroast coffee. Kidding aside, what is your
> > routine? I just put most spirit's aside including my favorite micro
> brews.
> > I'm so Sad but the Doc say's the crossroad has come and I have to make
> hard
> > choices.
> > I'm so Glad coffee is #1 on the list of Alzheimer preventive measures.
> > Before I "Forget"  I want to thank Barry for this wonderful lead. I just
> > bought the kindle version of Jean's book for my IPhone/IPad.
> > Besides drinking good coffee our memory is all we have.
> > How would we know good coffee from Bad otherwise.
> > Cheers,
> > Joseph
> >
> >
> >
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