[Homeroast] Off Topic: Weight Loss, Was - Fwd: UCLA Study on Alzheimer's

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 21:35:31 CDT 2011

Haha on the coffee - unfortunately, when I moved to this apt (Dec last), my
roasting went downhill. Horrible, horrible stove - two settings. Off & high.
But I've
been doing a bit better lately - I have just gone w/out drinking it when the
roasts turn
our really horrid.

Now I add (shock!!) about two teaspoons of cream in my one cup. Tastes
great, won't
win any homeroasting awards, but I'm happy.

My secret? I've had a few injuries (most
dog-on-leash-pulling-me-to-the-ground related),
but after our move (took my son & I a full day-into night, w/walking up &
down stairs all
day) my knees were so bad I was in constant pain. Spent Christmas wheeling
around in my office chair, w/my kids worried, at my side.

They intervened about my weight - I had already decided to work on it (that
was April),
and my daughter sent me the link for My Fitness Pal.

Wow. It works for me!! I log in my food, which keeps track of my calories,
fat, etc (sodium, too
for me - as I was taking 3 meds for hypertension). Didn't even have a scale
until recently.
(daughter gifted me one!) but I knew that I was losing - plus my rheumy
weighs me - and he's
astonished, to say the least.

Can't even begin to tell you how easy it has been for me, once I found the
way that's right - for
me. (there's community there, too - that is incredible - everyone supports
each other. Fantastic!)

The extra weight I put on would have killed me, no doubt. Hated it. I do
have cartilage gone in
both knees, but I actually have no pain now - taking fish oil, glucosamine &
condrioitin & now
plan to join a gym (another gift from my kids) soon, to strengthen the
muscles - oh, and I was
hobbling on a cane a few months ago (just roasting caused so much pain!)...
now I'm walking
several miles a day.

My goal is pre-pregnancy weight, the weight I was my whole adult life. Plan
was to reach that
by Christmas, but I'm doing this faster *some* weeks. (When you get closer
to the ideal/correct
weight, it is usually takes longer to lose, so that projection might be

Sorry for taking this off-off topic, lol (fixed the subject line for those
who might be bored w/this)
- but I am feeling so great - wish I had done this years ago!

As an aside - my memory (I have fibromyalgia) is better, too w/the weight
loss. I'm sure it's also
because I am able to walk the amount I'm walking - also, having so much fun
exploring stuff, esp.
food destinations (nothing thrills me as much as ethic markets - we have so
many here - well,
except stuff coffee related, of course)!  Has to keep the mind functioning!


On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 9:38 PM, Joseph Robertson <theotherjo at gmail.com>wrote:

> Lynne,
> 41lbs? Wow. I credit good homeroast coffee. Kidding aside, what is your
> routine? I just put most spirit's aside including my favorite micro brews.
> I'm so Sad but the Doc say's the crossroad has come and I have to make hard
> choices.
> I'm so Glad coffee is #1 on the list of Alzheimer preventive measures.
> Before I "Forget"  I want to thank Barry for this wonderful lead. I just
> bought the kindle version of Jean's book for my IPhone/IPad.
> Besides drinking good coffee our memory is all we have.
> How would we know good coffee from Bad otherwise.
> Cheers,
> Joseph

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