[Homeroast] Fwd: UCLA Study on Alzheimer's

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 20:00:44 CDT 2011

Barry - thanks for this. This is one of my many fears - besides heights,
gross bugs and just getting old, lol. My daughter already told me I should
be doing crossword puzzles to help my brain. :) Of course, the first on the
list is the most important!!

Found the book's website:


Definitely will be one I read - the UCLA site itself looks interesting:


Looking at the abstracts under the "latest news" heading at the UCLA site,
seems there is some correlation w/obesity & the disease. Glad I'm on my
quest to get to the normal weight of my younger years (41 lbs lost so far!!
Woo-hoo for me!!)

I remember an article in the Boston Globe many yrs ago (before the days of
the internet - or at least, before I was aware it, lol). They wrote about a
nun that had just passed away - she was, according to the article, a
remarkable woman who did work for the poor until she died (can't remember
how old she was when she died). But I can remember that they examined her
brain after her death - and it turned out, despite her work, she had
advanced Alzheimer's.

The implication at that time was, they theorized, that she kept her brain so
active that the disease didn't show.

Granted, all of this isn't totally proven yet - but I don't want to wait
until then (since I might be dead by that time).  -This gives one a way to
fight to prevent it.

Again - thanks!


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