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I thought Hottop advised against doing more than 3 roasts consecutively in order not to risk damage to the electrical and electronic systems. I blew a fusable link on my fifth consecutive roast a couple of years ago. But maybe your use of the laptop cooler was to offset this possible outcome. 


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Even though the outside temp is about 100, I decided to roast coffee today using my CCR Hottop.  The first 4 batches went fine, but on the fifth which was the last of my Panama Gesha that I have been carefully preserving, my computer crashed due to the heat.  The beans were trapped in the roaster, just sitting in the hot drum until I could get the computer running again.  I got it going and dumped the beans that were hot, but still green.  I blew cool air into the laptop. ( It sits on a laptop cooler, but still overheated) until I got it running again.  I re-started the roast, but it crashed again.  I again cooled the computer enough to dump the beans.  They are still green, but I fear that they will never be the same.  I currently have my laptop inside sitting on an air conditioner vent.  This had to happen with my rarest beans, not when I was roasting French roast for my daughter. She would never have known the difference if I had to re-start those roasts.   
I am not asking anything, just venting my frustration.   Sorry. 

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