[Homeroast] what's happening with these beans?

Michael Mccandless mcsparky6670 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 17:26:11 CDT 2011

Humidity is a factor.
I find that many beans show a dramatic 1st crack increase when humidity is
60 - 65.


On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 10:11 AM, sci <scizen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Kim,
> I just roasted a batch of the Harar Longerry in my QM3 a couple of days
> ago.
> I heard very few 1st cracks (maybe only 3 or 4 in a 225g batch), and the Q
> is a very quiet machine. You can barely tell it is running (with no beans
> in
> it). So, I'd say don't worry about that. You are correct to think that 1st
> cracks vary.  Some beans have lively 1st crack phase, others are lame like
> this one. As for the 24 minute roast time, try to get that down. I have
> never used that machine, but plenty of others can give advice on it. One
> tip
> may be to use it where the room temperature is higher.
> Ivan
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> A bit puzzled: I was roasting some Ethiopia Harar Longberry last night in
> my
> Nesco roaster. Didn't load it too full, ambient room temp was warm, machine
> plugged directly into wall outlet. (no power strip or extension cord) I
> roasted for a full 24 minutes (not on the cooling cycle) to the point where
> the beans were very dark, and I was starting to get some smoke. (the
> machine
> absorbs most of the smoke)  Since I wanted a lighter roast on these, I
> pulled them and quickly cooled them down in colander. They are quite dark,
> but not yet oily. The strange part is, I never heard one single crack. The
> machine is noisy, but I always hear at least *some* of the cracking. I
> broke
> a few open, and they seem roasted all the way through. Is it possible that
> some beans don't crack, or have a quieter crack? Or did I just not let them
> roast long enough, in spite of the color and smoke level? Will taste
> tonight
> after sufficient rest, but I'm not very experienced with the Ethiopians, so
> I don't totally know what I would be expecting. Any thoughts?
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