[Homeroast] what's happening with these beans?

Kim Phipps kphipps at mac.com
Wed Jul 20 12:59:25 CDT 2011

A bit puzzled: I was roasting some Ethiopia Harar Longberry last night in my Nesco roaster. Didn't load it too full, ambient room temp was warm, machine plugged directly into wall outlet. (no power strip or extension cord) I roasted for a full 24 minutes (not on the cooling cycle) to the point where the beans were very dark, and I was starting to get some smoke. (the machine absorbs most of the smoke)  Since I wanted a lighter roast on these, I pulled them and quickly cooled them down in colander. They are quite dark, but not yet oily. The strange part is, I never heard one single crack. The machine is noisy, but I always hear at least *some* of the cracking. I broke a few open, and they seem roasted all the way through. Is it possible that some beans don't crack, or have a quieter crack? Or did I just not let them roast long enough, in spite of the color and smoke level? Will taste tonight after sufficient rest, but I'm not very experienced with the Ethiopians, so I don't totally know what I would be expecting. Any thoughts?

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