[Homeroast] Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters: The Spirit of Invention, revisited And the elusive 1lber

Jim Gundlach pecanjim at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 18 17:55:44 CDT 2011

Here is a theory on the root of bright people going in to law and an excess of lawyers creating a barrier to innovation.  There is a French psychologist who found that children are highly variable in the age that actually doing quantitate thinking is possible, thanks to the bugs that hit my brain a couple of years ago I cannot recall his name.  Bright children who are forced to do math before their brain has matured to where it can actually do mathematical thinking learn that they cannot do math and that lesson actually limits their learning math when they are able.  The age they reach math ability is not related to overall intelligence. They then seek a career that minimizes doing math.  It is my experience that attorneys generally have a history of avoiding as much math as possible.  One of our daughters, the one we got when she was 13, so we were not present to keep her from being taught math too early, is a math avoider who married another math avoider and they both became attorneys. They had a daughter but we made sure she avoided doing math until she passed the quantitative thinking test.  That test consists of pouring water back and forth between two containers, one short and fat and the other tall and thin, that hold the same amount in front of the child and then asking the child which one holds the most.  When the child stops saying that the tall one holds the most and instead of actually answering the question asking for a wrong answer, says they hold the same amount, their brain is ready to learn math.  These two anti math attorneys had a daughter but, thanks to knowing about this research, they made sure she was math ready before she took any.  This granddaughter was selected to represent her school, one of the state's top three in standardized test sores,  in the state math competition.

She is different in one other way, she will only drink SweetMaria's coffee, her parents will drink anything.

    pecan jim

On Jul 18, 2011, at 3:01 PM, sci wrote:

> This insurance trap is real, I admit. It is stifling innovation across the
> board. Nobody will take risk because there are droves of unemployed
> attorneys (200K+) hungry to sue anybody. The system encourages it. 

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