[Homeroast] Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters: The Spirit of Invention, revisited And the elusive 1lber

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This insurance trap is real, I admit. It is stifling innovation across the
board. Nobody will take risk because there are droves of unemployed
attorneys (200K+) hungry to sue anybody. The system encourages it. Enact
"loser pays" legislation and most of this will stop. America, the land of
innovation, will come back from the brink. I see the high level of fear in
all kinds of businesses today and the way they interact with their
customers. Excessive fear of litigation, another ailment grinding our
economy to a halt.

As for the 1lb roaster, I think the QM3 could easily do it with a little
improvement. I insulated my drum heavily and it has no problem doing 300g. A
little more mass and power, with insulation, and slightly larger (say 20%),
and I think it could handle 450g roasts on a 15A circuit (dedicated
preferably). Perhaps a small hose taking exhaust heat and recirculating it
back into the intake would get the heat up to 1lb requirements. I love the


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The cost to consumer is driven by the development costs and the
liability insurance costs. The 1-2Kg roaster that could sell for 500-750
will be more like 4500-4750 and up due to these costs. No liability
insurance company will provide coverage for an untested, brand new
design device that is capable of taking 2 to 4 lb of a highly
combustible material to 500F in less than 10 minutes with a forced or
induced draft. You would have better luck if you installed an automatic
50lb CO2 fire suppression system on it but not much.

Depending on where you live even buying a homeowners policy that
includes fire insurance is very difficult if you have a solid fuel
appliance in the building.

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