[Homeroast] Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters: The Spirit of Invention, revisited And the elusive 1lber

Edward Bourgeois edbourgeois at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 11:34:54 CDT 2011


The world of roasters has changed in the mere 6 year since I started.
I contend that how many think about roasters and roasting has changed
When I started there wasn't much for off the shelf roasters compared
to now.  There was a lot of new DIY builds and modifying what did
exist like MiKe's
modified Rosto setup. The conversations were much around how  beans
needed to be treated during roasting, what sort of control was
helpful,  the fundamentals of various approaches, etc.
Now it seems discussions are around P choices, roaster work-arounds
and when is there going to be a cheap 120v true 1lber and with no
needs for work-arounds on the market.
I get numerous requests of either, will you build me a Dreamroast? Or
do you think I could build one? I answer no to the first thanks to a
talking to by my lawyer friend and I just don't know how to answer the
In the past, it seemed that folks would study up on roastering and
bean fundamentals, work up a plan, give it a go and ask for advice as
questions/problems arose. I named my roaster the Dreamroast because it
took me a year+ to come up with a design and sort through piles to
junk to find parts for the build. I'd do my thinking at night and
often wake up in the morning with ideas that I couldn't remember
whether they came to mind while I was still awake or in a dreams. Thus
it's my Dreamroaster.
I'm not saying our "spirit of invention" is gone but I do wonder if it
has changed from the purity of purpose and can do attitude it once
My guess is the elusive off the shelf, highly controllable, 1lber, for
cheap many desire, though possible, will not come to market anytime
soon.  Maybe it's time to rekindle the spirit of DIY invention and
that can do attitude.

Ed Bourgeois aka farmroast
Amherst MA.

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