[Homeroast] Quest M3?

Michael Vanecek mike at mjv.com
Sat Jul 16 14:41:19 CDT 2011

Ooh - that's right!!! I want a US Roaster 3 or 5K but would really like 
to have a .5k for small batches and perhaps a step-up roaster from my 
1/2 pound roasters.

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On 07/16/2011 10:32 AM, miKe mcKoffee wrote:
> I tend to agree. While a 1lb capacity 110V 15A roaster "can" be made, as
> evidenced by the Behmor, just doesn't seem viable with good response or
> control at an affordable price point.
> Seems theoretically might be possible since a good response 1lb roaster like
> the USRC .5k uses a max 5,000 BTU gas burner and 5k BTU = 1464W = 13.3A
> @110V, that's just the heater. Add the drum motor, fan and any electronic
> controls pushing over the 110V 15A magic number. Now if it was designed with
> cutting edge methods that recycle exhaust air back to roasting likely could
> be done, but back to affordability.
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