[Homeroast] Cold brewing?

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Mon Jul 11 23:37:00 CDT 2011

Thanks for the recipes / ratios. Chris - your note made me realize 
something of a glaring ommission: I have never tried brewing 
aeropress over ice. Seems like a no-brainer since it is so easy to 
make a strong ratio in an AP. I'll try it this week.


>I've tried cold-brew and also prefer hot coffee brewed strong into ice;
>usually Kenya or Ethiopia.  Brewing into ice retains most of the attributes
>in a hot version.  I usually brew a batch to take with me when going to the
>movies, since I'm not a soda drinker.  Here are my proportions, the Alcatraz
>reference is to an Ethiopia Jimma batch I brewed that almost made me miss
>the ferry for an overnight Alcatraz trip, lots of fun.
>Iced Chemex
>40 g Coffee
>283 g Water
>196 g Ice (~8 cubes)
>Double-batch "Alcatraz" iced coffee
>80 g Coffee
>566 g Water
>392 g Ice (~16 cubes)
>Single-Serve Iced Aeropress
>14 g coffee
>100 g water
>70 g ice (~3 ice cubes)
>Pecked out on my mobile phone.
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