[Homeroast] Cold brewing?

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Mon Jul 11 18:24:26 CDT 2011

For cold coffee I prefer icing hot coffee brewed on the strong side. 
I like bright coffees for iced coffee. (you account for the ice you 
are going to melt in chilling the coffee as part of the coffee-water 

As for cold brew, I am not a fan, in general. I have tasted some 
pretty nice stuff, but never any that made it seems a better brew 
option than using hot water. It tastes duller to me, syrupy, 
liquor-like, less aromatic, heavy, lacking liveliness. That could 
work with a Sumatra, but not with the brighter coffees I prefer cold. 
So I just don't do it, basically.

As everyone else has repeated, the quality of the coffee definitely 
does matter... absolutely. Unless you are just roasting to char 


>Hi all,
>I was contemplating attempting to cold-brew some coffee (I'm branching
>out in my old(er) age). Some of what I've read suggests that there is
>little/no difference between using store-bought and "expensive"
>coffees when using this method. Is there anyone on the list that
>regularly cold-brews their home-roasted coffee and/or has done a
>comparison with store-bought coffee?
>I realize there MAY be a bit of selection bias in my choice of audience... :)
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