[Homeroast] Cold brewing?

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I've been commercially doing cold brew for nearly a decade and at this point have probably put over 300 coffees to the test.  Everyone has tasted different.  Everyone has tasted like a slightly tweaked version of it's hot brewed counterpart.  If people say there isn't a difference between a quality coffee and a sub-par coffee they are doing something wrong.

Today I had a cold brew of Ritual's "Division" seasonal blend from BARISTA here in Portland.  My girlfriend described it as chocolate and plums.  She has never home roasted, never worked as a barista and never attended a formal cupping.

If that doesn't scream the importance of the coffee's quality to you then I don't know what to tell ya.

Bryan Wray
Compass Coffee
Bryan at CompassCoffeeRoasting.com

It is my hope that people realize that coffee is more than just a caffeine delivery service, it can be a culinary art- Chris Owens

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Hi all,

I was contemplating attempting to cold-brew some coffee (I'm branching
out in my old(er) age). Some of what I've read suggests that there is
little/no difference between using store-bought and "expensive"
coffees when using this method. Is there anyone on the list that
regularly cold-brews their home-roasted coffee and/or has done a
comparison with store-bought coffee?

I realize there MAY be a bit of selection bias in my choice of audience... :)



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