[Homeroast] Hottop Cleaning and Repair

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Mon Jan 31 22:06:03 CST 2011

Just got back from a trip to Portland to pick up Barry's old Hottop and spend a nice day with the family that included some nice stops for espresso and lunch @ Kennedy school.

Barry made me a deal that I couldn't refuse on his old "P" model with the caveat that it may need some parts to get it in full working order and no promises were made about the roaster.  Well, a deal is a deal and I was excited to have a roaster that I can use at my house, without going to my parents to use my NG BBQ drum. 

I was home for less than 20 minutes and had it opened up to figure out how to replace the element and the temperature sensor. When I took the back cover off, I was greeted by a small avalanche of chaff.  I grabbed the vacuum and got as much as I could right away, as I was doing this on my kitchen counter.  I realized that I would have to disassemble the roaster further to completely remove the chaff from inside of the back compartment.  

After all of the chaff was gone and I got a good look at how the roaster operates I began to see how the roaster is able to build up chaff so easily in that compartment and became aware that would be something I would have to remember to clean.  How often?

My next step was to pull the element that had warped over 5 or so years of use and see if I couldn't bend it back straight and get some more use out of it.  It was warped pretty badly and I tried to gently bend it back into place, and then snap! I was fully prepared to replace this part and was not surprised when I snapped the element.

I will wait until I get my replacement parts to replace the temp sensor, but it appears to be a pretty easy part.  It is nice that Hottop USA has such detailed repair instructions and I look forward to having the roaster up and running soon.

While I have the HT apart is there anything else that I should inspect or possibly replace while I am in there?  What are others doing about the chaff buildup in the back compartment?


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