[Homeroast] QM3 roasts of El Salv El Manzano Process Experiment

sci scizen at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 18:20:00 CST 2011

I roasted three batches today in the QM3 of the El Salvador Finca El Manzano
Process Experiment. It is an interesting roast experiment. You get a batch
of the same bean from the same farm (even same side of the hill!) processed
in the traditional WP (wet process) PN (pulp natural) and DP (dry process).
I roasted 115g batches of each to C+ with EOR temp of 208C on my analog BT.
1C had clearly finished on each batch and developed to a super consistent
C+. The roast curves were very close, each reaching 1C at the same temp,
however the DP ran away a little after 1C. Those folks at El Manzano did a
great job on the DP because it looked identical to the PN and WP. They all
look virtually same under my 10x loupe in terms of surface texture, color,
and bean size.

I will cup them over the next week, probably a cup of each every day till
they run out. I'll report on the cup quality. I'm trying to figure out a way
to make a cup of each and trick myself into not knowing which is which. I
think I'll make a little label with the name, put it on the bottom of three
identical cups, blindfold myself and switch them around till I'm confused.
Then drink!

I have enough to do a FC roast experiment next.


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