[Homeroast] First roasts in the QM3

Robert Bedwell rlb at triad.rr.com
Sun Jan 30 16:57:22 CST 2011

Frank....two of us lost our Quest virginity today!

I did two roasts.  The first one was much too long at around 18minutes.  I started off with the amps at 7.5 and the fan at 4 and once the beans were dropped in at 392F I didn't realize there was enough power to take it to first crack fast enough.  The second roast was 14.5 minutes with a power setting of 8.5 and fan speed of 4-5.  Much better.  Still a learning curve but I definitely learned something today with the Quest compared to the Hottop.   I am impressed with it's quietness and the containment of chaff.  The ambient temperature was 58F today in the garage.  My Quest has been double insulated but don't know what would have happened if it hadn't been.  I am using around 15 feet of 12 gauge extension cords with a Kill-O-Watt and it doesn't appear to be affecting the output.  

Frank, on the first page of the Quest manual they state, "Do not use any voltage stabilizer or booster on M3."  They don't explain why not to.

Best to you with the roast.

Unfortunately I didn't even get kissed with this virginity loss! 


On Jan 30, 2011, at 5:26 PM, Frank Parth wrote:

> Today I did my first roasts in the QM3, three 175 gm roasts back to back.
> Tom's YouTube video on the machine is a great way to get familiar with it.
> First reaction is that this machine gives a lot of control over the roast, much more than the GC I've been using or the old Zach & Dani's I started with. But along with control comes the need to constantly pay attention to it.
> No longer can I pour a couple fingers of single malt, light a pipe, and grab a book for the first 10-15 minutes of the roast like I did on the GC. Well, maybe I could get away with pouring the scotch. But once the roast gets up to 200 degrees C things start to happen much more quickly and you gotta pay attention.
> I started with Hank's guide for time and temperature. I took his idea of turning the fan up full for 45 seconds once into first crack just to slow down the rise in temperature and it worked out pretty well. I could tightly control the time between first and second crack by varying the heaters and the fan.
> Once I dumped the beans I shut off the heaters and turned the fan up high to cool down the roast (which happens very quickly). I'm wondering if I need to shut the heaters off or just turn them down to reduce the time spent waiting before I can dump in the next load of beans.
> The directions say to plug directly into a wall outlet, not through an extension cord. I'm wondering if this exclusion also applies to the Variac I've had the GC plugged into. I would think it would prevent some of the voltage drop that normally occurs.
> Now that I'm no longer a QM3 virgin, I'll have to start shooting for consistency.
> Frank
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