[Homeroast] First roasts in the QM3

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Sun Jan 30 16:26:50 CST 2011

Today I did my first roasts in the QM3, three 175 gm roasts back to back.

Tom's YouTube video on the machine is a great way to get familiar with it.

First reaction is that this machine gives a lot of control over the roast, much more than the GC I've been using or the 
old Zach & Dani's I started with. But along with control comes the need to constantly pay attention to it.

No longer can I pour a couple fingers of single malt, light a pipe, and grab a book for the first 10-15 minutes of the 
roast like I did on the GC. Well, maybe I could get away with pouring the scotch. But once the roast gets up to 200 
degrees C things start to happen much more quickly and you gotta pay attention.

I started with Hank's guide for time and temperature. I took his idea of turning the fan up full for 45 seconds once 
into first crack just to slow down the rise in temperature and it worked out pretty well. I could tightly control the 
time between first and second crack by varying the heaters and the fan.

Once I dumped the beans I shut off the heaters and turned the fan up high to cool down the roast (which happens very 
quickly). I'm wondering if I need to shut the heaters off or just turn them down to reduce the time spent waiting 
before I can dump in the next load of beans.

The directions say to plug directly into a wall outlet, not through an extension cord. I'm wondering if this exclusion 
also applies to the Variac I've had the GC plugged into. I would think it would prevent some of the voltage drop that 
normally occurs.

Now that I'm no longer a QM3 virgin, I'll have to start shooting for consistency.


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