[Homeroast] Taste test Quest

Barry Luterman lutermanb at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 09:39:06 CST 2011

The Behmor batch was one day older than the Quest batch. Idealy for the test
they should have been roasted on the same day.

On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 5:02 PM, Jeff Bensen <jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com>wrote:

> Barry -
> I am interested to hear your tasting notes as these coffees rest. Was the
> Behmor roast done on the same day?
> I just roasted the first of my A-list coffees in the Quest today and am
> anxious to see what it tastes like.
> Your approach of comparing roasts between the Quest and your previous
> roaster is interesting. I will set up an 'experiment' next weekend roasting
> the same coffee in my modified iRoast1 and the Quest to see what differences
> I can detect.
> -- Jeff Bensen
>   Palm Bay, FL
> At 01:00 PM 1/29/2011, Barry Luterman wrote:
>> Finally, I had enough confidence in the Quest to try a roast with one of
>> my A list coffees. I used Bali Kintamani Wet Hulled Arabica. The reason I
>> chose this coffee was that I had a pound of it roasted in the Behmor and
>> could do a side by side taste test.
> <snip>
> Side by side taste tests reveal these scores are certainly valid for the
>> Behmor roasted cup. However, the Quest brewed cup was considerably brighter
>> and cleaner than the Behmor cup. Unfortunately, both my wife and I are not
>> big fans of bright coffees. We tend to shy away from the Africans and were
>> attracted to the Bali for its rich chocolate tones rather than the fruits. I
>> will let the roast rest another 2 days and try again. Right now I know it
>> will not pull a good shot of espresso. I will hold off another 3 or 4 days
>> before attempting pulling a shot with it. So far however, there is quite a
>> noticeable difference in the cupping of the same bean from the 2 different
>> roasters.
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