[Homeroast] Not sure how to fix this

Lynne Biziewski lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 16:00:14 CST 2011

Going to add to the comments here - I don't roast in a Behmor, as you know
(stove top as usual), but I always aim for about 12 minutes for first crack.
Less time gives me (when it happens) a bitter roast.

The rest of advice here seems spot on, esp. Joseph's suggestion of dealing
with one factor at a time - only thing I can comment on from my experience
is the time to first crack. In fact, I extended it in my last roast, as I've
been having a time of it adjusting to the old stove in the new apt., and my
roast came out better (not as good as usual, but better than the swill I had
to actually throw out, lol, that made Folgers seem *good* in comparison!!)

Keep roasting & keep asking!!


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