[Homeroast] Not sure how to fix this

Mike Chester mchet at charter.net
Sat Jan 29 13:44:30 CST 2011

First step is to determine if you have a low voltage situation.  Buy or 
borrow a voltmeter.  A low end digital can be had for about $10.  Measure 
the voltage at the outlet with the roaster off and again with it on full 
power.  The difference should be less than 2 volts.  The power company 
considers any voltage between 105 V and 130 V to be OK, but that is too much 
spread for my taste.  If you are getting over 115 V with load, you wiring is 
acceptable.  The target that they shoot for is 117.5 Volts, but seldom hit 
it exactly.  With our power grid delivering much more energy than it was 
designed to deliver, voltage regulation is not very good in most places. 
Most appliance designers know this and design devices to run on a range of 
voltages.  I don't own a Behmor, but from what others have said, I believe 
that it is sensitive to minor variations in voltage.  There are many Behmor 
owners here and they can help more with its specific characteristics and how 
to compensate for problems.

Mike Chester

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I've brewed three roasts so far (I have two more resting right now) from my 
Behmor, and...I'm very disappointed. In the first place, I'm not getting 
first crack until 11 to 13 minutes in, even on the hottest setting. Second, 
it goes almost directly from first to second crack. Thus I am getting brews 
that are very weak, somewhat thin, and which require a large amount ground 
to get any flavor.

I'm guessing that the problem is in the wiring of the house. It's very old 
and doesn't have really robust wiring to begin with. For instance, I can't 
run my toaster and my microwave at the same time without tripping a breaker. 
Very often--and I mean, VERY often--when I tried roasting on the back porch 
with my SC/TO, when they finally got up to roasting temp they'd trip a 
breaker if anything else on the same circuit was on at all. Right now I have 
the Behmor upstairs by a window, though it doesn't smoke up enough that I 
need to open it, and it's plugged into a long, heavy-duty extension cord 
that leads to a 3-prong outlet. There's a lot of stuff in between that I 
don't want to move--it'd be a major effort for me to move the shelves and 
whatnot just to get closer to the outlet--but that's the only solution I can 
think of. Besides that, when I first tried it in the living room where it 
was plugged directly into the outlet, I still had about an 11-minute wait 
until first crack. That's just crazy.

Is it possible I have a defective Behmor? Is there anything I can do to get 
it to hit first crack in, say, five minutes?

Scot "as long as I get to keep the bitterness, I'm okay" Murphy
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