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Joseph Robertson theotherjo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 13:36:39 CST 2011

as with any bench test rule, make one change at a time and write every thing
If I had the house and wiring set up you describe I would take my Behmor to
someone's house. In other words, a friend who has a house with somewhat
current wiring. Set up the Behmor as near to the main wiring panel as
possible. NO extension cords this time.
Run a test roast and if your friend has a test meter check the voltage to
the Behmor before you roast. Compare results. Then make one change at home
at a time. Check results. I would do all of this and them some before I
blamed the roaster. I know your not blaming the roaster at this point but as
you have laid out for us you have a number of unknowns going on at your
house. If you can get your hands on a meter check the voltage to your Behmor
at home first thing.
Happy Roasting,

On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 11:12 AM, Scot Murphy <deppitybob at comcast.net>wrote:

> I've brewed three roasts so far (I have two more resting right now) from my
> Behmor, and...I'm very disappointed. In the first place, I'm not getting
> first crack until 11 to 13 minutes in, even on the hottest setting. Second,
> it goes almost directly from first to second crack. Thus I am getting brews
> that are very weak, somewhat thin, and which require a large amount ground
> to get any flavor.
> I'm guessing that the problem is in the wiring of the house. It's very old
> and doesn't have really robust wiring to begin with. For instance, I can't
> run my toaster and my microwave at the same time without tripping a breaker.
> Very often--and I mean, VERY often--when I tried roasting on the back porch
> with my SC/TO, when they finally got up to roasting temp they'd trip a
> breaker if anything else on the same circuit was on at all. Right now I have
> the Behmor upstairs by a window, though it doesn't smoke up enough that I
> need to open it, and it's plugged into a long, heavy-duty extension cord
> that leads to a 3-prong outlet. There's a lot of stuff in between that I
> don't want to move--it'd be a major effort for me to move the shelves and
> whatnot just to get closer to the outlet--but that's the only solution I can
> think of. Besides that, when I first tried it in the living room where it
> was plugged directly into the outlet, I still had about an 11-minute wait
> until first crack. That's just crazy.
> Is it possible I have a defective Behmor? Is there anything I can do to get
> it to hit first crack in, say, five minutes?
> Scot "as long as I get to keep the bitterness, I'm okay" Murphy
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