[Homeroast] Taste test Quest

Barry Luterman lutermanb at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 12:00:06 CST 2011

Finally, I had enough confidence in the Quest to try a roast with one of my
A list coffees. I used Bali Kintamani Wet Hulled Arabica. The reason I chose
this coffee was that I had a pound of it roasted in the Behmor and could do
a side by side taste test.
I roasted 2,8 oz roasts, back to back, using Steve Sakoman's profile. Both
roast s behaved exactly the same. Using Steve's profile my times were
approximately one minute longer than Steve's for this coffee. I may do the
next roast starting at 9 Amps rather than 8.5. The roast proceeded
beautifully. Not too long of a first crack with little chaff. This is
consistent with results obtained from my Hot Top and is the nature of this
particular coffee. The roast was ended as the beans were on the verge of
second crack. There were some snaps of second crack while the cooling tray
was moved to the cooling chamber. I then waited four days until the taste

Side by Side Taste Test

I ground each coffee in a Mazzer Mini grinder at  the same setting. I
thoroughly cleaned the grinder after grinding the first set of beans and
before grinding the second set of beans. Two pots of coffee were brewed in a
Technivorm brewer equipped with a gold filter. I am not a professional
taster. I did not slurp the coffee but took sips of each cup. However,
luckily I do have a professional taster notes for this particular bean. See:
Tom rates this coffee only 5 on clean cup and 7.7 on brightness. Side by
side taste tests reveal these scores are certainly valid for the Behmor
roasted cup. However, the Quest brewed cup was considerably brighter and
cleaner than the Behmor cup. Unfortunately, both my wife and I are not big
fans of bright coffees. We tend to shy away from the Africans and were
attracted to the Bali for its rich chocolate tones rather than the fruits. I
will let the roast rest another 2 days and try again. Right now I know it
will not pull a good shot of espresso. I will hold off another 3 or 4 days
before attempting pulling a shot with it. So far however, there is quite a
noticeable difference in the cupping of the same bean from the 2 different

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