[Homeroast] Back to Basics - Starting hot worked!

Alex Harvey alexnharvey at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 15:25:39 CST 2011


A week or two ago I posted for advice on fixing my beans that were burnt
outside and underdone inside using my SC/TO. I had been roasting starting at
360F and ramping up to 425F as roast progressed.

I reversed this profile and started hot, around 430F according to the turbo
oven, also preheating for around 5-6 minutes before adding beans. As first
crack began I reduced the temperature to 370F ending 3 or 4 minutes after
this as first crack seemed to stop. Although I let the beans get slightly
more done that I wanted I seem to have solved my problem and the coffee is
evenly roasted.

Thanks to those who responded.


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