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I've been to a ton of coffee fest events.  It's not that it's geared toward the industry, it's that you literally have to have a bonafied coffee business to even go to the event.  There are certainly ways of attending if you aren't in the industry as there are always 100's of free passes given out every year, but honestly... you'll probably be pretty bored.
There are always a few fun things to go and see, such as the major players' booths (La Marzocco, EPNW, Bunn has a huge Trifecta display, Roust-about/Hario), the latte art competitions are fun to watch, especially if you have friends competing in them and the aroma challenge will put you in your place if you think you know your stuff.  However, for the most part, it's a whole lot of people selling pancake makers and convincing you that their packaging and labeling equipment is better than anyone else's, or the pretty face running a booth that doesn't actually know a thing about coffee.
If it wasn't for the rather necessary networking that happens at these events, I'd probably skip them all.  It's not that they are pointless, it's just that unless you go really far out of your way to dig for information you're not going to get much substance.  Every time I go to a CF I always make sure to have an agenda of specific people that I want to talk to for a long period of time and I rank their importance, making sure to hit the most important booths on the first day, that way if I need to go back later I can.
All that said, your first CF event is always fun; it's just that after a while they get pretty monotonous.


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Coffee Fest, Chicago February 18-20th.
Anyone ever been to Coffee Fest?  What'd you think? Would you/have you been back?I realize it's more geared towards industry and retail but I figured someone among us has been.
Michael Bb'ham, AL                           
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