[Homeroast] I'm back! Anybody miss me?

Janomac janomac at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 13:46:22 CST 2011

Welcome back, Scot!
I remember you from a few years ago. It has been a wild ride around here
with lots of interchanges, a few minor fights, and lots of good info spread


On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 1:32 PM, Scot Murphy <deppitybob at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hello! I might as well be new to you all. Might as well be new to me, too,
> since I am jumping back in after years of not really even reading the list.
> It was too tempting. :)
> For years, I used an SC/TO roaster, but trying to get an even roast out of
> it had become a big PITA. Problems with my house's wiring, not to mention
> the primitive temp control on the TO, then my cooling system which didn't
> work right... Also, others in this house have some asthma problems, and even
> though I roasted on the back porch, it was bothering them. So I went to
> buying beans at the store. It's a long way down from a lovely city-roasted
> 2003 Ethiopian Ghimbi (blackberry! *swoon*) or a chocolatey Bugisu, but it
> became what I relied on.
> Well, people who know me know I'm not the richest guy in the world. The
> inestimable Eddie Dove once sent me a gift of various beans, a gesture for
> which I was grateful, but with my roasting area piled over with accumulated
> junk on the back porch, I never got to it. But very recently, a little boost
> in my finances (let us just say "student loans" in unison) left me with
> enough that I could finally, FINALLY, get that Behmor 1600 I've been lusting
> after for many years. Plus I have the house to myself more often than not
> anymore, so the smell isn't an issue. My first roast was the Java Kajumas
> etc. given me by the inestimable Eddie.
> Weird. The Behmor didn't roast at all as promised. I didn't get first crack
> until about 11 minutes in with second crack about two minutes after. After
> letting it rest overnight, I brewed up a batch the next day and it was
> weirdly weak. As in, almost NO flavor. It didn't make sense, but today it
> was incredibly good. Not a lot of nuance, but a lot of flavor, kind of
> milk-chocolatey, a pleasant sharpness, but otherwise all mid-to-deep range
> flavor. Verra nice-a. Just now, though, I took out the El Salvador Finca la
> Florida that came with the Behmor and tried it on the most basic, longest
> setting. First crack *still* took about 14 minutes, which I don't get, with
> second crack just a couple minutes later. But the beans seem almost
> perfectly Full City, and crunching on one gave me the citrusy notes
> promised. I didn't catch the red berry part, but perhaps it needs to rest.
> I'll brew some up tomorrow.
> It's nice to be back roasting!
> Scot "once and future newbie" Murphy
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