[Homeroast] I'm back! Anybody miss me?

Scot Murphy deppitybob at comcast.net
Mon Jan 24 12:32:18 CST 2011

Hello! I might as well be new to you all. Might as well be new to me, too, since I am jumping back in after years of not really even reading the list. It was too tempting. :)

For years, I used an SC/TO roaster, but trying to get an even roast out of it had become a big PITA. Problems with my house's wiring, not to mention the primitive temp control on the TO, then my cooling system which didn't work right... Also, others in this house have some asthma problems, and even though I roasted on the back porch, it was bothering them. So I went to buying beans at the store. It's a long way down from a lovely city-roasted 2003 Ethiopian Ghimbi (blackberry! *swoon*) or a chocolatey Bugisu, but it became what I relied on.

Well, people who know me know I'm not the richest guy in the world. The inestimable Eddie Dove once sent me a gift of various beans, a gesture for which I was grateful, but with my roasting area piled over with accumulated junk on the back porch, I never got to it. But very recently, a little boost in my finances (let us just say "student loans" in unison) left me with enough that I could finally, FINALLY, get that Behmor 1600 I've been lusting after for many years. Plus I have the house to myself more often than not anymore, so the smell isn't an issue. My first roast was the Java Kajumas etc. given me by the inestimable Eddie.

Weird. The Behmor didn't roast at all as promised. I didn't get first crack until about 11 minutes in with second crack about two minutes after. After letting it rest overnight, I brewed up a batch the next day and it was weirdly weak. As in, almost NO flavor. It didn't make sense, but today it was incredibly good. Not a lot of nuance, but a lot of flavor, kind of milk-chocolatey, a pleasant sharpness, but otherwise all mid-to-deep range flavor. Verra nice-a. Just now, though, I took out the El Salvador Finca la Florida that came with the Behmor and tried it on the most basic, longest setting. First crack *still* took about 14 minutes, which I don't get, with second crack just a couple minutes later. But the beans seem almost perfectly Full City, and crunching on one gave me the citrusy notes promised. I didn't catch the red berry part, but perhaps it needs to rest. I'll brew some up tomorrow.

It's nice to be back roasting!

Scot "once and future newbie" Murphy

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