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Thanks, I'll see what I can do. Some are ripening right now, so 
should not be a problem.


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If you posted to the forum and attached a picture, I could 
tell if it is robusta or not. Robusta has real clumps of cherry, 
the end of the fruit, opposite the stem, is different.


>Is there an 'easy' method to tell the difference between 
>& Robusta cherries? I have several houseplant coffee trees,
>acquired via online sources & at local stores,  that have been
>fruiting. The only marker on the plants was "coffee tree".
>Comparing the beans to those harvested from the Red Catuai 
>grown from the seeds Tom sent out years ago, these appear 
>& on occasion have triple beans. The plant leaves appear 
>in size / shape though.
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