[Homeroast] Oops.

Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Sun Jan 23 10:31:53 CST 2011

This morning, went downstairs, set up the PIDed iRoast with 170g of guatemalan acatenago, then put a load of laundry in and was promptly distracted by the kids.

So after breakfast I'm listening and hear one of the kids playing a video game in the next room, but there's a whirring sound I also hear.

Oops! Ran downstairs, turned off the roaster, dumped the beans, and unplugged. It had probably been 

The only difference is that the cooling cycle wasn't as fast as usual, but thankfully all my automation worked perfectly.

Just remember, be careful, design safe systems, and don't roast unattended.


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