[Homeroast] Aster Bunna Ethiopian coffee from Addis Ababa

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We used cement weights just like that at my HS in Minnesota in the 60's.

We also would make our own curling stones by freezing water in coffee cans.
You probably won't see that in Ethiopia.

Love those pictures. Take me with next time.


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Interesting comments. In general the best coffees are not held for 
the local market, they are exported. So it is very hard to find a 
coffee in Ethiopia with a cleaner cup flavor. The problem is how they 
roast too. Look at this machine in Dire Dawa Ethiopia (see the next 
5-6 photos after it too - there is one their of typical local Harar 
coffee with lots of black beans in it):

Anyway, I like tasting local coffee - even if it isnt the best. It 
puts things in perspective...


>I friend of mine went to Ethiopia to adopt a baby and he brought back 2
>kilos of roasted coffee in the bean for me, one normal and one dark.
>It is the Aster Bunna mark. Still degassing, and had a nice bloom so it
>wasn't all stale.
>As usual, it has that rustic, old world, and odd complexity of an Ethiopian
>DP. However, I could easily taste why this would be a coffee Tom would
>reject. In the lighter roast (and hence the one that reveals more flaws),
>there is a definite trace of...well...dirt or earthiness. I know too that
>the cup consistency is probably going to be low. So the future cups could
>different. It is still a drinkable cup, but compared to the Jimma, the old
>IMV, Bonko, etc. DP lots that SM has been offering, this is a far distant
>cry away. I know I'm spoiled when it comes to coffee, but I don't mind!
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