[Homeroast] Aster Bunna Ethiopian coffee from Addis Ababa

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Interesting comments. In general the best coffees are not held for 
the local market, they are exported. So it is very hard to find a 
coffee in Ethiopia with a cleaner cup flavor. The problem is how they 
roast too. Look at this machine in Dire Dawa Ethiopia (see the next 
5-6 photos after it too - there is one their of typical local Harar 
coffee with lots of black beans in it):

Anyway, I like tasting local coffee - even if it isnt the best. It 
puts things in perspective...


>I friend of mine went to Ethiopia to adopt a baby and he brought back 2
>kilos of roasted coffee in the bean for me, one normal and one dark.
>It is the Aster Bunna mark. Still degassing, and had a nice bloom so it
>wasn't all stale.
>As usual, it has that rustic, old world, and odd complexity of an Ethiopian
>DP. However, I could easily taste why this would be a coffee Tom would
>reject. In the lighter roast (and hence the one that reveals more flaws),
>there is a definite trace of...well...dirt or earthiness. I know too that
>the cup consistency is probably going to be low. So the future cups could be
>different. It is still a drinkable cup, but compared to the Jimma, the old
>IMV, Bonko, etc. DP lots that SM has been offering, this is a far distant
>cry away. I know I'm spoiled when it comes to coffee, but I don't mind!
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