[Homeroast] Aster Bunna Ethiopian coffee from Addis Ababa

Robert Bedwell rlb at triad.rr.com
Fri Jan 21 13:42:11 CST 2011

Ivan.....your comments about the non commercial Ethiopian coffee mirrors what a friend of mine in service in Iraq reported.  He took a Behmor with him and one of the soldiers in his company told him of an Ethiopian that had just returned and brought some green back with her.  They made an arrangement with her and he roasted it for her.  Your description of what he tasted is incredibly similar to yours.  He suspected that it was aged greens.

I like the earthiness of the Yemen coffee and once Tom referred to Yemen coffees as often looking like they had be swept off the floor!

I have Jimma on hand but I could never appreciate the flavors from it.  I must have missed the roasting profile on it.  

Here is one that I have received several rave reviews;


I have wanted to order some but keeping putting it off.  Actually the price is not too bad for 2 pounds of green from a premier roaster.

Keep me updated on the Ethiopian experience.


On Jan 21, 2011, at 2:11 PM, sci wrote:

> I friend of mine went to Ethiopia to adopt a baby and he brought back 2
> kilos of roasted coffee in the bean for me, one normal and one dark.
> It is the Aster Bunna mark. Still degassing, and had a nice bloom so it
> wasn't all stale.
> As usual, it has that rustic, old world, and odd complexity of an Ethiopian
> DP. However, I could easily taste why this would be a coffee Tom would
> reject. In the lighter roast (and hence the one that reveals more flaws),
> there is a definite trace of...well...dirt or earthiness. I know too that
> the cup consistency is probably going to be low. So the future cups could be
> different. It is still a drinkable cup, but compared to the Jimma, the old
> IMV, Bonko, etc. DP lots that SM has been offering, this is a far distant
> cry away. I know I'm spoiled when it comes to coffee, but I don't mind!
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