[Homeroast] Hot water kettle

Jeff Bensen jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com
Thu Jan 20 16:31:33 CST 2011

It's true that the temperature regulation is 
'loose'. I get +/- 4 to +/- 5 degrees on mine.

I never gave it much thought since I use it for 
french press and CCD (one single pour). If you 
are doing a prolonged pour-over, such as chemex, 
then timing the temperature and the pours becomes important.

The temperature readout, however, appears to be 
an approximation only. With a full kettle, my 
readout still shows 212 for nearly two minutes 
after the heating element shuts off and the 
boiling has long since ceased. I use it only as a broad indicator.

-- Jeff Bensen
    Palm Bay, FL

At 05:17 PM 1/20/2011, Kysh wrote:

> > Will hold water near a preset temp until you need it.
>I like mine, too-- but bear in mind that 'near' is quite a stretch.
>±4% at 202 is quite a shift.
>Getting the timing wrong on the temperature can leave you with a fair
>amount of time to wait between pours, if you're doing chemex.
>Is it bad that I've semi-seriously considered PIDing mine? ;>

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