[Homeroast] Chaff and smoke management with QM3

sci scizen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 23:56:13 CST 2011

I have found the QM3 to be a winner in many ways. I'm very happy with the
chaff management. All chaff goes into a wire screen basket and it is easy to
clean. I don't need a vac, just dump it in the trash. Even the IR2 was not
as easy. The B1600 was very messy.
Smoke management is very easy too. The Q fit easily under a vent hood or
next to it. I put it to the left of my vent hood so the Q's fan blows it in
that direction. I have to say that I have had less smoke in my kitchen with
the Q than with the B1600, IR2 and Whirley Pop. I know this isn't exactly
apples to apples comparison due to different batch sizes.

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