[Homeroast] Latest Tiny Joy

Andy Thomas adt0611 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 19 23:50:32 CST 2011

I finally got to read Tom's article about dry processed coffees in Tiny Joy. I 
think Tom has a differnt perspective on this issue than most of us. We know 
about the excellent coffees that he has chosen to make available to us, but of 
course, he had to wade through a lot of mediocre -- and just plain awful -- 
stuff to find the good ones.     I have also wondered what is going on with DP 
coffees from places where washed is the norm. I always assumed that geography 
was the main determining factor of the type of processing. And Tom confirms this 
in his article: To (over?)-simplify: DP from dry climates, WP from wet climates. 
To illustrate, about a year ago I bought some green coffee in Waialua, Oahu, 
from a new farm planted on former sugar cane land. This is a place that gets, 
I'm guessing, 20-30" of rain per year, or more. (I used to live near there, so I 
have an idea of the climate relative to other Hawaiian places.) They offered 
both wet processed and dry processed so I bought a pound of each. The WP coffee 
was not great, but not offensive. It was drinkable. The DP was awful. It had 
many of the faults Tom describes as characteristic of inappropriately 
dry-processed coffee -- shrill acidity, veggie flavors, unpleasent woodiness, no 
fruit character at all. It appeared to be well sorted and there was no 
mustiness, it just didn't taste good. Clearly, they have no business 
dry-processing coffee. I hope they now realize that. 

    Anyway, just a few thoughts on the subject. I like many of the fine DP 
coffees that Sweet Maria's offers, and Tom says they will continue to sell them. 
So, Cheers! and thanks, Tom and crew, for suffering through the crap so we don't 
have to.



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