[Homeroast] (Rescued) Cold Weather Roasting

Ken Schillinger ken at whidbey.com
Tue Jan 18 15:47:24 CST 2011

I roast in an unheated (mostly) outbuilding. The problem is that the Behmor 
will give a fault code, and not operate at lower temperatures. My remedies 
are to either heat the Behmor with a heat-gun or hair-dryer, both inside the 
oven and also through the cooling port on the end. This winter I bought a 
salamander style heater (it looks like a jet engine and burns kerosene) so I 
have the option of placing the Behmor in front of the heater output for a 
minute or two, which will allow the unit to turn on.
Once the Behmor will start, I pre-heat the roaster and greens by putting the 
greens in the roasting drum and starting the roaster on a P1 setting. I let 
the roaster go for 1:45 and press the off button. I then enter the profile 
and time I desire and press the start button. I have had good results by 
starting with 2C (no scale) of greens, a 1:45 pre-heat, followed by a 
setting of 1Lb P4 and running the timer up to it's maximum time. First crack 
frequently starts at about 15:00 to 16:00. I am always there listening and 
watching the greens, with my usual preference being to start the cool cycle 
shortly after the greens are entering the 2nd crack. My favorite green to 
use with this profile is a Chiapas. If I could have only one coffee from now 
on, this would probably be it for me.
Best regards, Ken

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> I have a question.  At this point my Behmor is 'in the mail', but I was 
> wondering about the effects on roasting in <40 degree ambient 
> temperatures.  I will be roasting in my unheated garage which, right now 
> has ambient temperatures in the range of 30-40 degrees.  I am concerned 
> that the low ambient temperatures might have an adverse effect on my 
> roasting.
> Does anyone have any experience with cold weather roasting with a Behmor? 
> Please keep in mind that I have never roasted before...this will be my 
> first roasting experience.
> Thanks!  -rich-
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