[Homeroast] Cold Weather Roasting

Mary Vivit mvivit at xmission.com
Mon Jan 17 14:50:21 CST 2011

I've done cold weather roasting outside here in Utah, Rich. Never with a 
Behmor, but with a small roaster and a popper. Trying to roast (here) 
with ambient less and 40 is challenging. The good thing about your 
situation is that you'll be out of the wind. My husband put together a 
small windbreak for me, and it helped a lot. That said, I still won't 
roast in less than 40 degrees. You might be able to get away with a 
small space heater in your roasting area. Should help a bit. Enjoy!

Mary in cold Utah

On 1/16/2011 9:41 PM, richard kennedy wrote:
> I have a question.  At this point my Behmor is 'in the mail', but I was wondering about the effects on roasting in<40 degree ambient  temperatures.  I will be roasting in my unheated garage which, right now has ambient temperatures in the range of 30-40 degrees.  I am concerned that the low ambient temperatures might have an adverse effect on my roasting.
> Does anyone have any experience with cold weather roasting with a Behmor?  Please keep in mind that I have never roasted before...this will be my first roasting experience.
> Thanks!  -rich- 		 	   		
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