[Homeroast] Another travel entry - Southwest Utah

Greg Hollrigel ghollrigel at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 09:08:20 CST 2011

Good morning fellow roasters.  Following on to earlier messages, I thought I
would send a message for a surprising find in good coffee in Southwest
Utah.  If you're ever traveling up the 15 and manage to go through Cedar
City (where Southern Utah University is) and are craving a decent cup of
coffee, based on one visit, I can recommend The Grind on Main St.  They
serve a coffee roasted by Ibis (sp?).  I ordered a latte since I've been a
week without my milk drinks, and it was very good.  Good sweet microfoam and
the coffee tasted like coffee and not coal.  Their baked goods are also
delicious.  So instead of some major chains, I would give The Grind a try,
if you're in the area and the mood.

And, also for those visiting Bryce Canyon areas, there apparently is a place
in a small town called Panguitch, named Buffalo Java (I believe) that is
also supposed to be pretty good.  I couldn't make it over there easily due
to winter road closures, and I wasn't going to drag my better 1/2 and the
children an hour and a half to satisfy my curiosity, especially when there
is good skiing and snowboarding to be had.

Hope this helps some other travelers out in the future.

Off to the snow!  :-)


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