[Homeroast] Two QM3 roasts of Limoncillo Pacamara DP

sci scizen at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 21:09:43 CST 2011

I've been cupping these two QM3 roasts, and they taught me that a slight
variation in roast level FC or FC+ can create a big difference in taste.
Too bad I'm now out of this bean. This bean is amazing at FC, but at FC+ it
is not as interesting or yummy. The FC bursts with fruitness and a
delightful aftertaste lingers long. The roast data is in the link below if
anyone cares to look. I think the 250g batch size is a little ambitious and
will probably cut it back to a 200-225g charge which would allow a faster
roast ramp, more control.

Does an FC roast at 12 min differ much from an FC roast at 17 min? How?

My next goal is to learn how to nail the Eth. Jimma DP in the Q.
Fortunately, have about 5lb. If anybody knows how, I could use a primer. The
Q has opened up a whole new territory in roasting for me.



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Here's my roasting log of two back-to-back roasts of 1/2lb roasts in the QM3
If anybody has observations on what went well and what didn't in these
roasts, please let me know.
I'm trying to learn how to profile beans. The Q responds to tiny adjustments
and a roast can runaway into 2C fast.



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