[Homeroast] Quest first roast

Barry Luterman lutermanb at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 14:47:18 CST 2011

Received my M3 Friday. I tried my first roast with it yesterday. I roasted
in my garage The ambient temperature was about 50 degrees. I pre-heated the
Quest  to 200 C  with the air volume on 4 1/2. When the machine was
preheated I introduced 8 oz (233 gr) of my C list coffee. The heat setting
was right in the middle. Unfortunately, I did not have a watch with me. The
roast went on and on. The trier worked fine the bean samples looked good but
I never smelled impending first crack nor heard it. Suddenly it dawned on me
that the heat was not high enough on the machine to overcome the ambient
temperature. As a result of the reduced ambient heat my beans were baking
rather than roasting. This is a problem I have never encountered in my years
of roasting in Hawaii. I immediately increased the heat and as a result my
beans turned ebony shiney black with an oil sheen you could see your face
in. There I was with a half pound of baked beans on the inside and burnt on
the outside. However,at least , my drum was seasoned.
Second roast; pre heated drum, introduced 233 gr of beans. noticed heat
dropped 100 degrees. Cut back heat but not as far as the first roast and
timed the roast at nine minutes first crack. The crack was amazingly loud.
The sound of the crack reverberates in the bean chute and sounds like rifle
shots. Cut back the heat and increased the air flow. The roast continued
through first crack and immediately entered second crack. Dumped the beans.
Turned off the heat increased the air flow to maximum and placed the roasted
beans in the cooling portion..
I was impressed with the cooling speed of the machine, the uniformity of the
color of the roast and the sound of the cracks.
After I cleaned the Quest an easy task. I went to Target and bought my first
upgrade for the Quest. I purchased a Quartz space heater for the garage.
More to follow.

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