[Homeroast] latest Tiny Joy

Paul Jolly pauljolly65 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 14 18:31:25 CST 2011

I too thought that Thom's comments are far from condemnation; rather, they seem 
to express a deep regret at how much a processing style has come to dominate the 
flavor of some coffees.  Varietal variation is absolutely overwhelmed by 
processing methods.  While I've enjoyed many of the unique DP lots we've been 
able to try, I've come to feel that they aren't even worth purchasing as an 
experiment...at least for my taste buds.  That so many people desire DPs just 
exacerbates the problem of being able to enjoy the different origin nuances that 
exist from region to region - even from farm to farm.  When a Guatemalan farmer, 
say, is offered top dollar to DP a lot that would be much more subtle and 
balanced if washed, s/he will likely do so...and no one will even get to try a 
washed version.

This is not meant to slam dry processing altogether.  Coffees which are 
traditionally DP have particular flavors, mouthfeel, aromatics, and balance that 
I've come to expect and look forward to.  Even given the chance to work the 
processing legerdemain the other way around - washing a traditionally 
dry-processed coffee, like the Ethiopian Koratie of a few years back, then 
offering both to sample - I found that I preferred the traditional method.  Some 
people love having these unusual DPs available, and I say good for them.  I 
personally couldn't stomach the DP Brazil, and I can understand the resentment 
some feel at the proliferation of this 'experiment.'



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