[Homeroast] Latest Tiny Joy

Bob vegas89014 at cox.net
Thu Jan 13 21:40:50 CST 2011


Today received my monthly 7-8# greens--# of the Kenya peaberry, # of the Harar and 5# of the Brazil DP.

The Brazil was 5# untried--not unusual to jump in on a coffee like this due to Tom's incredible sources and knowledgeable reviews. Grabbed the Tiny Joy after carefully cutting open the box. Tiny Joy is on the website but prefer to read it w/ my delivery. 

This Tiny Joy has thrown me for a loop. Thompson has put together a very well written, well reasoned condemnation of DP coffees. 

The impetus to my foray into homeroasting began with a Guat Huehue shiny with oil. A friend brought it on a visit, and though now understand how overroasted, it was the best coffee ever. He told how he roasted it, gave me SM's website. Seven years later, couple of modded I-Roasts and an RK Drum later I am one happy camper ordering all my greens from one of the top coffee guys in the world. Gravitated to African DP's very quickly--that lot 30 fruit bomb really got my attention--the first IMV sealed the deal--I am a DP guy.

Upon reading Tiny Joy I was disappointed; you led me down this path, many of us love the DP's, and I suddenly felt that much of my coffee experience has been invalidated.

Bob Adams
Henderson, NV

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