[Homeroast] Pulled the Trigger

Jeff Bensen jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com
Wed Jan 12 13:02:27 CST 2011

Barry -

Good move, IMO. After months of reading about this thing I decided to 
pull the trigger back in early December, but they were out of stock. 
I got on the waiting list, and mine just arrived last night.

My initial reaction was similar to Bob's: It was smaller than I 
expected. It is, however, a beautiful thing to behold.

They boxed it extremely well (triple-boxed, with a generous layer of 
peanuts in the outer box). It arrived in pristine condition.

Have you looked at the various exhaust mods people have done? Even 
though I am in Florida, we get cold snaps significant enough to 
impact roasting. Thus I am looking into building something to allow 
me to roast in the house if needed.

- Jeff Bensen   |  Drinking Guatemala Finca La Bella JBM Cultivar
   Palm Bay, FL  |  (four days post-roast, via French Press)

BTW: I'm not sure people here remember me. It's been several years 
since I posted. I'm the one who put up a page on Earthlink back in 
2007 showing how to modify an iRoast 1 with a rigid thermocouple down 
through the top lid and chaff collector. That page went off-line last 
year. I bought that iRoast in early 2005, and I've been using it 
every week since then (although it's about to finally be retired!).

At 12:25 PM 1/12/2011, Barry Luterman wrote:

>OK just ordered my Quest M3. I was going to wait for the warm weather before
>ordering. Then I started to reason that there are a bunch of others doing
>the same thing. Therefore, if I wait they might sell out and I would have to
>wait a few extra months. OK so it's a rationalization but I did it. Now I
>have to play poker tonight. I have a goal.

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