[Homeroast] Emergency overtime session

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 00:16:27 CST 2011

Realized this morning that my roasted bean supply is dangerously low.  Picked up the Brewtus from Barry over the weekend, and my beans disappeared over the last couple of days somehow.  It has been fun playing with beans and different brew parameters, hard to get a bad shot out of that machine.  

I was all set to roast some Sidamo Maduro, a Brazil, and maybe something else.  A little digging in the coffee cupboard revealed some Jimma, Guat JBM, and about a pound of  EW# 8 Waw, Bukan Main.  

Jimma reacted nicely to the BBQ lid lift trick, 1st hit hard @ 11:30 and EOR @ 16:30 just at the verge of 2C.  Super thick fruit right off the bean cooler.

EW# 8 was the easiest < 1lb roast I've had in over a year 1c @ 12:30 and 2C @17:00, pulled immediately after 2C started.  

Guat was slightly problematic, the bean didn't want to take the heat at early stages of the roast and BT didn't reach 300 until 6:00, kept bumping up heat a little at a time but thoose beans are dense and stubborn.  1C hit at 13:30 and was not too slow or too fast, cut the center burner of the weber off and finished off a city+  @ 18:00, a bit slow but i've had slow roasts of this bean that have turned out very nice.  

I have enough rested coffee for tomorrow, but thursday will have to drink some short rested in americanos.  Darn the coffee is too fresh, will have to suffer through it for a couple of days. The perils of being a homeroaster, better to have short rested than stale swill.


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