[Homeroast] Rocky or Vario?

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Thanks miKe and John for the perspective. I can rule out the Rocky. My
purchase is no rush, just next. I have replaced burrs in the Virtuoso twice,
once both top and bottom, and the second time just the top. Replacing the
bottom cone burr was like getting a root canal. It was stuck on the shaft
and nigh impossible to twist off. I think the process took me close to 3
hours when I thought it would be a 20 min job. After that, I only replace
the top burr, which can be done in 30 seconds for $25. The Virtuoso has been
a nice daily grinder, and I highly recommend it, but I'd like to invest in
something professional without spending $1800 on a Mahlkonig. Often I need
to grind large quantities for an event or a friend. It needs to fit in a
modest kitchen, but since coffee is a priority, I'd even make room for a
tank like the Robur, if I could afford it. I have an SJ w/doser dedicated
for espresso, so whatever I get would not be tasked for espresso, except as
a backup. I use most of the types of brewing methods we discuss around here,
so I want a grinder that has the versatility (using the right modal grind)
for the broadest range of brew methods. On the occasions I drink Turkish
style, I use my Zass so that grind isn't critical.

Any suggestions on the ideal niche grinder?
Or do you think the Virtuoso is still it?

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I used my Virtuoso for 2 years before I upgraded for espresso. Replacing the
burrs is not terribly easy, but a call to Kyle at Baratza will help. I'd
still be using the Virtuoso had I not wanted a better grind for shots.

A friend has a Vario and aside from the ceramic burrs, I'm not terribly
impressed one way or the other as to it's abilities. He brews drip in a TV
every day and I cannot say the Vario is any better for drip than my Mazzer
Mini or the Virtuoso.

Keep the Virtuoso, I suggest.


On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 12:22 AM, miKe mcKoffee <mcKona at comcast.net> wrote:

> If targeted for strictly non-espresso grinding I wouldn't consider the
> Rocky. I have had one for nine years, and while it can be used for
> non-espresso grinding it is not it's forte'. Espresso grind ideally is
> plurimodal while non-espresso unimodal, Rocky's burrs are designed for
> espresso grinding.
> I also wouldn't what I'd consider waste my money on the Vario for
> non-espresso grinding. While yes the ceramic burrs will last longer how
> many
> times over how many years would you have to replace the burrs on the
> Vituoso
> to make up the cost difference? Virtuoso new $225, Vario $450. Top and
> bottom replacement burrs for the Virtuoso $32, 7 sets of burrs to make up
> the difference. Even heavy home non espresso usage likely need to replace
> but once a year to keep Virtuoso grinding excellent not just good...
> And since you already have a Virtuoso, have you replaced the burrs lately?
> Why do you want to replace the grinder? Are the 40 steps not enough for
> your
> non-espresso needs? (find that hard to believe, unless Turkish comes into
> the equation)
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> > I'm going to be replacing my old Virtuoso soon with an all
> > purpose grinder
> > that will not be used for espresso.
> >  I want a versatile grinder for all other brewing methods.
> > The Vario and the
> > Rocky look nice, especially the Vario.
> > Does anybody here have experience with the Vario? Any other
> > recommendations.
> >
> > The price of the Vario is a little steep, but with the
> > ceramic burrs, it may
> > be worth it.
> > Thanks,
> > Ivan

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