[Homeroast] my first real roaster!

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May have something to do with the fact that a lot of what's gotten
established as "Italian" here in the US is influenced by Italians that
immigrated from Naples,  where they do roast their espresso mighty dark.
(much like most of what we consider "German" stereotypes like lederhosen and
oom-pah music is actually Bavarian)

I'm pretty sure this pre-dates Starbucks,  since my first cappuccino was at
an old school Italian coffee shop when I was in college, and I distinctly
remember the oily beans and residue in the grinder hopper.  (A professor
actually took us here to show us the true Italian coffee experience, which
sparked my interest in learning more about coffee).

(The Neapolitan influence has also caused what we associate with the Italian
accent, at least here in the NY area - hence pronunciations like "gabagool"
for capicola)


On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 12:11 PM, Tom Ulmer <tom at transtate.us> wrote:

> While I understand your point it isn't really baffling. I believe there is
> a
> generally accepted term describing a degree of roast called "Italian
> Espresso".
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> Why is it people continue to think espresso = dark roast? Baffling.
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